K Rend Colour Fill - 310ml

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K Rend Colour Fill is a flexible ready to use masonry filler, suitable for repair work such as small crack and holes. Minor damages like these if left are not only unsightly but can leave the walls vulnerable to further damage. Colour fill is an ideal solution as it offers permanent protection protection and a tidy finish.


How to use:

  • The surface needs to be clean,dry, sound and cohesive.
  • For fine cracks it is recommended that the width is expanded to 5-6mm. This is best achieved by using an electric multi-cutter with a blade attachment. 
  • This ensures that the material will have greater integrity to the walls of the crack and prevent likelihood of reopening.
  • Cut the nozzle to the required size depending on the crack.
  • Remove tip screw and end cap and fit the nozzle. Apply the filler using a standard applicator gun. Ensure that filler is left proud of the crack.
  • Remove excess material using a clean cloth or sponge while creating a textured finish.
  • Build up layers, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. Can be applied to a maximum thickness of 8mm per coat.
  • After application of final layer, allow the filler to cure for 12-24 hours.