Ecorend QS1 Quick Set Monocouche Accelerator - 20ltr

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By Ecorend

Ecorend QS1 Quick Set Monocouche Accelerator - 20ltr is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Ecorend QS1 Quick Set is a liquid accelerator solution for Ecorend MR1 Monocouche through-coloured render systems to speed up the time to scrape during colder application periods.

It directly replaces a proportion of the product gauging water and, if added at the correct dose, it will achieve a 20°C scrape time when working at 5°C. The accelerator is colourless and has no effect on the appearance of the finished product.

Ideal for use when hand mixing or using a render pump (i.e. with separate mixing and pumping chambers) or a metering system for accelerators. If using a water butt, measure water out, add QS1 to the water and mix thoroughly.

NOTE: The product is NOT an antifreeze. Always ensure that scraping is continued at the same time around the building to ensure colour consistency. The product is not recommended for use in warm weather.


All Standard Colours 100ml - 300ml per 25kg bag of Monocouche

Marble White 300ml - 800ml per 25kg bag of Monocouche

Scrape Time

Same day at 5c


Ready to Use, Fast Acting, Use in the cold, Long Term Protection & Low Maintenance, Breathable, Easy to mix