Ecorend MR1 Monocouche - 25kg

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By Ecorend

Ecorend MR1 Monocouche One Coat Render is a high performance, cement based, through coloured scratch render. Developed to have excellent water repellence, breathability and adhesion, it is also easy to apply, by hand or by spray, in one coat. The product's through colour characteristics ensure a low maintenance, attractive, stone looking finish.


Ecorend is available is a range of 33 colours. Specifiers should consult the MR1 Colour Chart and, whenever possible, obtain samples prior to specification.

Suitable Substrate

Concrete, Clay, Lightweight Block and Brick
    Substrate Primer

    S10 or K11 (Dependent on substrate)


    Approx. 1.6kg per mm / per m2 (Approx. 1 bag per m2 @ 15mm Finish) - Depends on Substrate/Suction


    1st pass - Apply the 1st pass to approx. 8mm thick, with fibre-reinforcing mesh included in the 1st pass ensuring that the mesh is overlapped 100mm at the mesh joints

    2nd pass - Applied to approx. 9mm thick, wet on wet to the 1st pass and levelled flat. Then leave the render to harden but not fully set for between 3-16 hours dependent on the temperature. This will allow the surface to harden, ready to finish once you can imprint your nail but not your thumb print, at this point the render is ready to scrape.

    For further information please call for data sheet


    Highly Polymer Modified, Water Repellant, High Adhesion, Breathable, Through Coloured for Low Maintenance, Suitable for Hand or Spray Application.

    Technical Data

    Water Demand : Approx. 4.5 - 5 litres per 25kg bag

    Application Temperature 5˚C - 25˚C for a minimum of 24 hours


    Stocked colours are available for premium delivery.  All other colours will be ordered accordingly and can take up to 15 working days.