What is a drywall sander?

A drywall sander is used in smoothing drywall to achieve a uniform and polished effect. Smoothing drywall is an undertaking that involves the application of three layers of plastering material. After applying the finishing layer, you can then complete the sanding process. Due to cost and time, it is advisable that you sand drywall only once.

Make sure to always wear a mask while sanding. This will protect you from any dust and particles as you work on your job. Safety should be taken seriously at all times. There are many drywall sander options available, but the right one for you depends on your budget and the surface that you will work on. The sander options include:

1. Portable cable sander

These are the types of sanders used by professionals. They feature an add-on boom ideal for high walls and ceilings. However, they also tend to be heavy, powerful and expensive because of the nature of the work that they are capable of.

2. Orbital drywall sander

This is a piece of equipment ideal for upgrading residential projects. And since it is hand-held, it can be used to remove all the rust and old paint from homes. This makes it a versatile tool but should be used with a ladder when the sanding regions are beyond your reach, such as ceilings, because it does not come with extensions. 

3. Manual sanding block

These are adjustable drywall sanders ideal for small scale projects such as levelling the edges of drywall. These blocks are obtained in either dual or single angles which allows them to sand through tight spaces, without affecting adjacent drywall.

4. Dustless turbo drywall sander

This drywall sander is equipped with a vacuum specifically for the collection of dust and particles. It is lightweight and features a rectangular head which allows for easy manoeuvring in close corners, especially by skilled handymen. To find the right drywall sander for your job, contact us at Amaroc today.
November 25, 2019 — Amaroc Collaborator