If you find yourself involved in some home improvement work, like hanging drywall, wallpapering or painting, it's no secret that having the proper plastering tools not only saves time on the job, they also bring a better end result and can provide your project that extra touch of quality.


A hawk is the number one must-have tool for any professional plasterer. The hawk is used to carry and hold the plaster as they move down the wall. It allows you to apply your plaster easily and rapidly across both ceilings and walls.

Window trowel

Most plasterers use their window trowel instead of their other larger trowels around windows. Obviously, this tool is specifically designed to use around the windows, because of its smaller blade face that gives you better manoeuvrability across the wall in the tighter spaces.

Finishing Trowel

The finishing trowel is another crucial tool in any plasterer's kit. It allows you to smooth out and flatten the plaster more after applying it to the wall. It is essential to have a good and clean surface on the trowel to leave a uniform finish.

Bucket Trowel

Bucket trowel is one of the key items in any plasterer's collection. It is commonly used to scoop plaster up out of your mixing bucket and onto your hawk. You need a strong bucket trowel as part of your kit, because of the weight involved when transferring the plaster.


Sandpaper is used to quickly smooth out large areas of rough unevenness and then the finer grit is used to finish up the whole area. While a wet sponge is then used to smooth out unevenness that may appear after plastering the wall.

Plasterers float

When you've already added the final layer of plaster to your wall, you'll need to give one final pass over with the use of a plasterers float to give an all-important smooth and high-quality finish. This tool is also important for every plasterer because without it you won't be able to smooth down the upper layer of plaster and the surface might end up uneven.

Jointing knife

Jointing knife is a very important tool to determine a straight line and edging into tight or small spaces, such as between a window near the wall and the wall that is perpendicular to it.

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