Render beads are an essential construction material that creates a significant difference to wall finishes. They are very convenient to use, making them a popular option for those who do plastering and rendering jobs.

What are the uses of render beads?

Render beads are used to protect the edges of the surface being plastered. They are basically vertical mouldings that support the plaster or render. Without these beads, the edges would be very weak, making them susceptible to damage. The beads are made of galvanised iron and a strip of metal lath that allows the render or plaster to stick to the surface.

What are the common types of render bead?

Each type of render beads serves a different purpose. Before buying for your plastering and rendering needs, it is important to determine what specific beads are required for your build.

The bellcast bead is fixed within the basecoat layer at the bottom of the wall. This type of bead allows you to have a nice, straight and clean finish at the bottom of the render. In addition, it features perforated wings that can divert water away from the wall. It is suitable for use in wet environments as it helps prevent damp from forming.

Corner beads, as the name suggests, are used on the corners of a structure to provide additional strength and to achieve smooth lines that give an aesthetically pleasing finish. It is important to install this type of beading as corners tend to be prone to more knocks and bumps compared to other areas of the wall surface.
Movement beads are applied in areas where movement in the render is expected. They are designed to reduce potential cracking, chipping and other associated damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction.
Window header beads look quite similar to corner beads although it has a drip on it. This bead is used on external wall insulation systems and has the ability to prevent water from travelling back along the reveal at the top of the window frames. The drip ensures that water travelling towards the window will be obligated to drip down onto the window sill.
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