Modern innovations

At Amaroc, we pride ourselves on supplying cutting edge and high-quality building products to our customers. Our trade experience has allowed us to deduce which products are up to the high standards we commit to. Equally, we are always looking to promote and supply innovative products we believe can take our customers' businesses to the next level.

In 2014, Nissan developed the first self-cleaning car. It used super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint, rendering it resistant to all the dirt that springs up at the roadside. Since then, self-cleaning paint has been refined and developed further at a consumer level.

At a glance, self-cleaning paint naturally sounds like a dream for any homeowner. Even the proudest DIY Debbie may grow a little tired with their property maintenance, and our Jub Nanoxilcolor self-cleaning micro-reinforced facade paint is an innovative and incredibly useful alternative.

The paint is characterised by an impressive resistance to algae and mould, allowing walls to maintain peak condition over several years. It also boasts high resistance to atmospheric factors such as smoke, ultraviolet rays and precipitation. Simply, self-cleaning paint can provide protection to a number of different materials which make up the structure of everyday buildings. So, as well as being ideal for reducing chores, the paint can provide larger-scale solutions for your business and for the wider community. Its use in public spaces could drastically reduce the collection of dirt, and with it, eyesores around the city. Further, costs of building maintenance could be greatly reduced for larger buildings which are expensive to clean.

So, how does it actually work?

The paint is based on water dispersion of silicone binders. A microscopically textured surface creates a highly hydrophobic coating, causing water to collect grime and other unwanted products and remove them as it runs off the surface. Create cleaner and more efficient buildings and spaces with self-cleaning paint. Contact us at Amaroc for any additional help or information.