The benefits of dry lining

If you are planning to partition, flatten or smoothen your home or office wall, consider dry lining. Dry lining is a walling technique that can be used to clad internal walls and ceilings to create a smooth finish without the use of wet plaster.  So, what are the benefits of dry lining?

1. Easy decoration

Plasterboard gives you a dry finish instantly, so you can paint or decorate it as you wish, immediately after the installation process. If you chose a traditional plastering technique, you would need to wait for it to dry before painting.

2. It's clean, quick and efficient

Dry lining involves creating a timber frame and nailing plasterboard on it. Within a few minutes, you will have your wall in place, as such, plasterboarding guarantees you the cleanest, quickest, and most convenient way to partition your house or office.

3. Guaranteed insulation

Block and brick walls are poor insulators. However, dry lining leaves a cavity that can be packed with insulation material. Therefore, dry lining can help you create rooms with better insulation.

4. Easily conceals wires and pipes

Are pipes and wires affecting the look of your home? Dry lining gives you the most effective way of disguising ugly wiring and pipework on the walls.

5. Allows for easy renovation

You can dry line any wall within your house or office. As such, it is possible to improve the look of individuals rooms as you wish. You can also get rid of uneven walls with plasterboarding. If you are planning to improve the appearance of a room, office, or commercial space, dry lining is a great solution. Amaroc provides all the materials you need for dry lining, and we offer free shipping on hand tools and bead orders over £70.

December 15, 2019 — Amaroc Collaborator