Not all drywall tape and accessories are created equal. To ensure your job is done right, you need to choose the right tools for the job. If you’re looking for high-quality drywall tape, bumpers, and handles, look no further than TapePro Drywall Tools. This article will explain how to choose the right tools for your next project.

DIYs are not easy feats to do. Aside from experience and the guts to experiment, you'll need both specialised and non-specialised tools that can help you get the job done as efficiently and cost-effective as possible. The good thing about Tape Pro is that it has a wide roster of portable tools and equipment which can satiate the inner craftsman from everyone.

TapePro Nail Spotter

Fitting nails over multiple nail lines can be quite challenging. It needs precision, the right amount of force and patience to fill in all the nails. The TapePro Drywall Tools Nail Spotter is designed to meet function with speed and comfort. With innate wheels inside the blade width, nails can be easily applied across nail and screw indentation, saving time hammering one nail after another.

What distinguishes TapePro’s nail spotter is its peened method of construction. This allows for the application to be smooth and accurate. It also has an adjustable interlock handle, making it easier to use in any kind of surface and project you might deem fit. The unit comes in three different sizes: 2”, 3”, and 3” with a pro-handle feature at an affordable price of £195.00 and £234 inclusive of VAT.

TapePro Compound Tube

Tubes filled with joint compound are used in conjunction with an applicator head to apply joint compound to internal corners, external corners, and flat surfaces. These tubes function in the same way as giant syringes.

The TapePro Compound Applicator Tube is a multi-purpose tool with two lip seals, providing better sealing capacity. Made for convenience, it has a stainless steel ball quick release nozzle, allowing it to fit in the smallest of crevices. The Applicator Tube is available in 900mm (36″) nominal length (CA-T) and 600mm (24″), (CA-T24).

Taking into consideration various angular applications, it is equipped with the AH-38 Applicator head allowing it to fit in intricate internal angle joints even horizontally or vertically. For more applications, the Tube can be fitted with a 75mm Corner Glazer and various sizes of Corner Finishers (65, 75 and 90mm). This makes the Tube to be more flexible in terms of its application and use.

TapePro Pro-Reach Handle

Having difficulties applying those finishers and spotters because it's too high to reach? Being a multi-purpose extendable handle, TapePro Pro-Reach allows you to fit in a wide range of tools allowing you to apply the finishing touches with ease. You are safe and satisfied at the same time. Some of the popular tools Pro-Reach handle is compatible with are” CFA024 or corner finishers; CRA001 Corner Roller Head, Nail spotters, and corner boxes.

The Handle comes in different measurements from 960 mm to 1600mm. It has a rubber grip making it easier to use. Lastly, it is designed to be portable, handy and lightweight, making it possible for anyone to use it. A single unit costs around £90.00 to £108 with VAT added.

TapePro Blue 2 Flat Box

Get the desired finish you have always wanted with a TapePro flat box. Capable of high durable surfaces and finish, this tool has a unique peened construction to add more grit to smoothing surfaces. Applying jointing compound to butt joints and flat recess, edges and joints are fixed automatically.

TapePro Blue 2 comes in different sizes: 200mm (8”), 250mm (10”), and 300mm (12”). Blades can also be adjusted to fit the desired accuracy in creating the perfect crown. Aluminum plates used are anodized marine grade which are peened together giving sturdity and desired durability. Lastly, the flat box can be fitted to the following tools, FFBG bead guides and RP-200 recess plate. A unit costs £250 vat exempted, and £300 with additional VAT.

TapePro Flat Applicator Nozzle

This tool serves as a replacement for the existing one of the TapePro Compound Applicator Tube (CA-T). As a sturdy and high-quality nozzle, it can easily fill in the required recess in flat joints. At the same time, it can apply compounds to Flat boxes and Mud boxes straightening out the bucket.

The advantage of this nozzle is that it is high flow, meaning filling recess joints are done easily, smoothly without leaving a millimeter of crevice. The attached mud wings were designed to ensure that dry walls maintain the applied compound, providing the desired finish. Surely an excellent and economical choice at par with the TapePro flat box blades.

TapePro Straight Glazers

Glazing off taped internals can be quite a challenging task. With the incorrect tool, chances of leaving some are highly impossible. The good thing with TapePro Drywall Tools Straight Glazers is that when it runs top to bottom, the Glazer will also wipe off any excess compound allowing you to save time and effort. At the same time, the edges are feathered perfectly, you can easily apply the first coat.

The Glazer has acetal skids and ball sockets which minimizes friction to the finish, ensuring correct pressure is applied. It works well with Corner Finisher Handle (CFH-1200, CF-XH) which applies the compound then glazed afterwards using a straight glazer. The unit comes in three different sizes 55mm (2.3″) 75mm (3″) 90mm (3.5″).

For the best tools in the market, Tapepro is the way to go. Visit our website or either of our Swindon & Bristol branches to discuss the right tools for you.