Plastering tools and kits are essential for anyone in the plastering business.

But finding the best tools that one needs to create an amazing plastering finish is almost impossible to find.

With flexible trowels, the game changed.

Learn more about flexible trowels below! 

What are Superflex trowels?

Superflex and flexible trowels are some of the most essential tools when it comes to plastering.

In recent years the first Superflex was introduced by Refina and they quickly gained traction and found their way into plaster tool kits - cementing itself as a must-have.

The Superflex stainless steel trowel is used as a finishing trowel that allows for a more flexible blade, meaning more control when you need it. The blade comes in various sizes, with the most popular being 0.25mm and 0.4mm.

The science behind the Superflex trowel is simple - the more flexibility your trowel allows, the more the actual blade surface can touch or be in contact with the wall when plastering. It's simple ergonomics at play!

Although the Superflex trowel is not an all-around finishing trowel, it is still functional to have. Due to its thin blade, however, it can get damaged easily, especially when compared to stainless steel plastering trowels, which is why expert plasterers recommend using a flexible trowel when coming upon the later stages of the skimming process. 

Effectively use a Flexi trowel 

Before embarking on your plastering journey, it is essential to understand how to use your tools to avoid errors and mishaps.

Before using a trowel, especially a flexible one, the wall should be flattened with a sturdy skimming trowel. Then, using a tiny amount of water, the multi finish or board finish is trowel ready.

An expert plasterer in the field can achieve the finish on the wall without having to use fat staining and still come up with a clean, uniform, matte finish that is ready for decorative stages or paint.

A Superflex trowel will help you achieve a level 5 finish due to its design. The flexible blade allows the sprayed plaster to flatten that much.

There are a number of Superflex plastering trowels available in the market today including Refina, Ox/Nela, Beroflex, Nela, and Marshalltown. Amaroc carries the best brands with varying sizes. From midget trowels to 18-inch ones and from the thinnest possible blade to the thickest - Amaroc has the best options for plasterers looking to make a lasting Superflex trowel purchase.

You'll find any trowel you need for plaster, from the Marshalltown Permaflex to the Nela Mediflex Trowels.

You can never have too many tools on a job and it's only sensible that you keep these specialized tools around.

Just in case your line of work calls for an especially flexible trowel, we've got your back with our great selection of Superflex Trowels by Refina Tools.

Nela Superflex 

The Nela SuperFlex trowel excited many back in 2014 and is still going strong.

The Nela SuperFlex is one of the available finishing trowels that are specifically designed to provide a convenient and ergonomic way to finish up a plastering job. It is not designed for laying on because it's so flexible, though we know some plasterers still do - whatever works for you!

Before the rise of the Nela Superflex, plaster trowels were all the rage. But plasterers started noticing that they weren't the best investments as plastic trowels deteriorate quickly and lack the performance needed from them. Besides not being sturdy enough, plastic trowels were difficult to work with, often making plasterers' wrists sore.

But with a flexible trowel such as the Nela Superflex, painful wrists aren’t a problem anymore!

They are flexible, but also durable as they are made of steel, making sure that this purchase is long-lasting.

Plasterers report that using a flexible trowel allows them to easily finish a set without needing to splash or spray water in order to get a flat and matte finish. They effectively cut off 30 minutes of work time!

Check out this lightweight and well-balanced flexible trowel today at Amaroc. 

Refina Superflex 2

Plastering is like a work of art, only it's not done on canvas and instead done on walls. This means that getting a good finishing trowel is essential to completing your masterpiece.

The Refina Superflex is a German-made trowel that boasts flexible stainless steel while remaining extremely light. The blade has a 0.4mm thickness and is best for finishing. It is ergonomic to use due to its smooth, rubber handle and because of its flexibility, this trowel is comfortable to use even after hours of finishing.

Plasterers rave about how unbelievably light the trowel is, maybe even the lightest they've ever tried. The flexible blade also provides a beautiful finish without having to use too much water and too much effort to flatten the plaster down. It’s also ‘pre-broken in’ which means you don’t have to do it yourself!

Without much effort, beautiful results are achieved with the Refina Superflex 2. Visit Amaroc's online store for more information about how you can grab one for yourself today! 

Marshalltown Flexi trowel 

A bit later to the game but here nonetheless, the Marshalltown Flexi trowel is another top choice for anyone who wants to achieve a smooth, flat, and matte finish to their plaster project.

The Marshalltown trowel has been at the top of review lists due to its lightweight features and comfortable Durasoft handle.

Some of its features include:

  • Highest grade ultra flexible stainless steel blade
  • 0 Xtralite aluminium alloy mounting
  • Flatter Blade
  • Upper plate fastened with stainless steel rivets
  • 10% lighter than other flexible trowels
  • Rounded Corners
  • Thin 0.3mm blade for durable flexibility
  • Comfortable DuraSoft grip
  • Made in the USA

Get the Marshalltown Flexi trowel today with us at Amaroc for a convenient way to purchase your plastering needs. 

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