UK's largest independent silicone render manufacturer continues growth with a turnover past £32 million off the back of investment in marketing and innovation.

K Rend (Kilwaughter Holdings Limited) has reported a strong year, with group revenue growing by 8.7 per cent from £29.9 million to £32.7 million for the year ending April 30, 2017. Pre-tax profits also rose by over a quarter to just under £10 million (£9.6 million), while the company reinvested £3.5 million into the business during the same period.

We at Amaroc have benefited from this reinvestment and have seen a steady increase in the K Rend business over the last two years. One of the areas of noticeable investment is within the market. Kg, K Rend now post Technical Video’s for their latest products, Customer portfolio’s and advertise trade events around the country.

The main reinvestment is, of course, innovation. We have seen several new products such as LW1, a Lightweight Scratch Render for External Insulation Systems, and a Mineral topcoat with quick drying times for winter working.

K Rend is certainly not stopping there. Managing director Simon McDowell said Kilwaughter's success could be attributed to the firm's innovation and ability to capitalise on the UK's reinvigorated housebuilding sector and Ireland's agri-sector.

“Our vision is to build a long-term sustainable business by becoming the brand of choice across our various sectors and through ongoing investment.”

“Over the years, we have developed deep expertise in what is a niche industry with quality products, strong levels of customer service and reliable delivery throughout the UK and Ireland. K Rend is now the UK's largest independent silicone render manufacturer, and Kilwaughter Lime processes and distributes white limestone throughout Ireland," Mr McDowell said.

In summary, K Rend is an excellent company with ambition. Suppose you're thinking of using K Rend or becoming an approved applicator. It is well worth a trip over to Larne in Northern Ireland to attend regular training courses. Not only will you become an approved applicator, but also you will get a feel for how serious these guys are when it comes to research but, more importantly, how much K Rend invests in its people and community.

This is further demonstrated in its accounts, showing Kilwaughter made charitable donations of £200,000. Half of which has been directed towards supporting an innovative new bursary run by Queen's University Belfast. The Queen's Pathway Opportunity Programme aims to enable young people who have the potential to study at Queen's but who are more likely to do so with the help of some additional financial support.

How is this relevant to you?

If you are looking for a home update for your external walls, you should get them rendered. But with all the options in the market, how do you choose the best type and method?

One of the tried, tested, and trusted methods are called a K-Rend.

K-Render is a brand, but unlike other brands, they have specific pros and benefits.

K-Rend typically produces a mineral-based thick-coat type of render. This type of render is processed using limestone. Many homeowners love doing K-Renders because of the variety of colours and textures they come in. Can you imagine having a selection of over 500 different options? There's something from everyone.

In addition to these benefits, K-Rends can be applied using a machine or by hand.

K-Rends are also available as organic resin renders, which they call bucket to mix. They are cement-free and come in a ready to mix form, kind of like a paste. It has silicone additives that allow it to be water-repellant, wall breathable, and of course, low maintenance.

To apply, you need to layer on a base coat on drywalls before administering the K-Rend. Be sure that the walls are dry to avoid damages.

If your home already has existing paint, make sure to remove the paint before applying the render. If not, you will see peeling and have unsealed walls that are susceptible to the wear and tear of the elements.

Adding a K-Rend can provide a minimal layer of insulation to reduce your households carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills as well!

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