Whether you're enjoying the height of summer or winter is just around the corner, it's common to think about how you can make the most of protecting your home before the wind, rain and snow arrive.

A little DIY and planning goes a long way. Making sure the boiler runs smoothly, that the loft is in good condition, and assuring you’ve sealed all doors and windows (as well as any troublesome draughty areas) in time for the darker and colder days has become part and parcel of running a household. 

Sadly, not all houses are as energy-efficient as they could be. Even a modern house over time can develop weaknesses in the seals around entry and exit points. Ventilation in the brickwork can also weather away, which allows gaps for the colder air to get indoors, or more crucially, the warmer air to escape your home. 

Finding yourself stuck with a cold house on an extremely frosty day is everyone's worst nightmare! Despite everything, the most prepared homeowners can still struggle to battle the wintry weather. In that situation, what can you do? 

A lot of property owners have found rendering as the perfect solution to this challenging problem. With our dedicated team of renderers, sales staff and directors, as well as the vast range of renders, EWI systems and drywall materials on offer, which effectively insulates the exterior of the building, we've been making homes cosier in time for Christmas day and taking the sting out of those chilly nights since 2012.

It's never too late to be too prepared for the frost and ice. If you're still unsure about what rendering will do for you home, please do not hesitate to contact our teamwho will provide expert advice on the best treatment for your house. After all, winter is coming…