One of the most important steps to finishing your construction project is to sand all of the wooden and metal surfaces of the project. It provides a great finishing touch to the overall aesthetic of the work.

The work takes time and effort to do. In addition, usual sanding usually is very dusty, and cleaning after sanding all of the surfaces is doubly tiring. You may have some tools to help you sand surfaces, but it isn’t enough.

How do I make my work more manageable, you ask? Well, with the help of Full Circle, we can show you how.

Full Circle

The products of Full Circle aim to aid trades with their construction works. Full Circle products can assist you in your projects that would require you to sand the various materials.

Full Circle Dust-Free sanding system

This set of tools are an improved version of your old devices. It has similar qualities to a handheld drywall vacuum cleaner but with an innovative touch. It has an extension pole and several other features that make it better than your old handheld vacuum drywall cleaner.

The Full Circle Air can sand surfaces like mopping walls, making it easy for people to sand large surfaces that would take a few hours to do.

The package of Full Circle Dust-free Sanding system has two pieces of equipment, the Radius Air 360 and the Flex Air.

Radius Air 360

The Radius Air 360 provides 98 dust-free, efficient and virtually effortless sanding.

With the brand new design, it is able to work like a mop that can rotate 360°. Dust is sucked into a vacuum when you would sand the walls giving your workplace a dust-free look. It doesn't remove all the dust but it takes out as much as it can.

It isn’t restricted by a rubber piece that covers the ball and socket of the Radius 360° which is another older handheld vacuum wall cleaner.

The older vacuum wall cleaners aren't able to do a complete 360 movement because the rubber keeps the ball and socket’s movements restricted.

Radius 360 Air also has this feature where you can easily detach the extension pole and exchange it for a normal handle because the system is used by a magnetic lock. The magnetic lock makes it where you can simply unlock and attach the pole or handle easily.

With a universal vacuum chord, it can attach itself to any regular vacuum cleaner.  And furthermore, both the radius abrasive discs and mesh are replaceable.

Flex Air

The use of the Flex Air tool is for sanding the detail and corner sanding. The flex air works is designed to work like a foam sanding sponge.

The sanding pad can be attached to any variety of sandpaper. Allowing you to use the sandpaper brands that you trust.

The Flex Air also has the same type of deattachement system that the Radius Air 360. Allowing easily changeable sequences if you are planning to use both of the products.

A hook and loop rubber and foam pad connect to foam abrasive ensuring a smooth and clean finish to your surfaces.

A set of serrated sandpaper is purchasable. So if the sandpaper gets too old you can replace it.

This Full Circle Dust-Free Sanding Set includes the following materials:

  • Radius 360 air head
  • Flex Air head
  • Pole assembly – 2 x 2’ aluminium poles, connector and 12” HDPE pole handle
  • Universal adapter for vacuum hose
  • 14” vacuum hose assembly
  • Level 360 discs - 1 x 180 grit, 1 x 220 grit and 1 x 150 grit
  • Flex air abrasive foam pads - 1 x medium and 1 x fine
  • Flex air sandpaper - 1 x 150 grit, 1 x 180 grit and 1 x 220 grit

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If you don’t have the budget to purchase this fine piece of hardware, you can consider purchasing the Full Circle Flex Edge via AMAROC.

Full Circle Flex Edge

The Full Circle Flex Edge is similar to the Flex Air but without its vacuuming system. It has a purchasable pole and it can be used as a mop to sand areas.

The Full Circle Flex Edge is a tool that provides extra leverage to smoothen the surfaces. It helps workers to sand surfaces easier compared to regular sanding tools.  With the extended pole, it makes it easier for sanding walls, because of the extended reach that the pole provides.

Surrounding the tool is a protective rubber layer to reduce the damages to the tool when being sanded on walls. Though it has nothing covering its joints so it could move around easily.

The replacement pad underneath is there to be able to change your sandpaper at the bottom of the Flex Edge. The Full Circle Flex Edge 2.0 comes with a supply of sandpapers which are then available to purchase at AMAROC when needed

Want to purchase a Flex Edge 2.0? At AMAROC, you can purchase this product and have it delivered to your home or workplace! Just contact us at our website to avail of our services. Please check the details.

Full Circle offers other pieces of equipment that help with sanding surfaces.

Sanding Sponge with 90-degree angles

A sanding sponge is similar to sandpaper but instead is an entire block of the material. It allows you to grip it better, making it easier to use than your regular sandpaper.

The coating of the sanding sponge is designed so you don’t have to constantly replace it even after long hours of use.

The sponge is washable which makes it reusable. It can also sand wet surfaces for when it's raining or there is a spill on the walls.

The sanding sponge contains the following sizes:

  • Fine
  • Medium Fine/Medium

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