How should you secure your van when tradesman’s vehicles are increasingly being targeted by thieves? Your van is your office, garage and tool chest, where you keep everything you need to earn a living—your tools, fixings, machinery, parts and supplies. Read this article for a closer look at the state of tool theft in the UK and some tips on van protection and tools protection.

Tool Theft: A Glance at Numbers

According to a Simply Business poll, 7 out of 10 tradespeople routinely leave their tools inside their vans overnight. This is despite findings from the same company that nearly all tradespeople have a fear of getting their tools stolen. Meanwhile, 31% of van drivers surveyed by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles reported that they don’t use additional locks and alarms or tracking devices to protect their vans.

Statistics also show that more than half of tradespeople in the UK have experienced getting their tools stolen. These figures and the rise in tool theft paint a worrisome picture. For tradespeople, their tools are their livelihood. Losing their tools due to theft would not only cause stress and frustration, but it would also cost them a pretty penny. It’s then worth looking into effective measures that can help secure both the vehicle and the valuables inside it.  

By protecting their vans and tools, tradespeople can ensure that they’re also protecting their business.

How to Secure Your Van Against Tool Thieves

With a van being broken into every 23 minutes in the UK, it’s a risky move to solely rely on luck and hope that thieves would never target your vehicle. Without additional security measures in place, it can be unsafe to leave your tools in the van overnight. To store your tools without fear of them being stolen, appropriate van protection measures must be implemented first. Here are some of the steps you can take:  

Optimising where you park your vehicle

Master the dos and don’ts of where to park your car, especially if you will be leaving your tools inside. Avoid parking in dimly lit areas and empty spots. Meanwhile, in terms of how to park, it’s best to park your van in such a way that you’re blocking access to your side doors and trunk.

Don’t forget to lock your vehicle properly

Make sure to always lock your car if you’re leaving it unattended. This simple measure can help prevent thieves from getting into your vehicle in the first place. Doors are the easiest point of entry to your van and all your tools. To block thieves from accessing them, consider getting a dependable, high-visibility locking system. Go for a combination of locks to further deter thieves. Aside from getting extra locks for your doors, you can also get locks for your rims and steering wheel.  

Secure your windows

As much as possible, there must be no items of value that can be easily seen through your windows. Block outsiders from seeing inside your van by getting tinted windows or curtains. You can also utilise physical barriers, such as grills or a window security film, as an additional layer of security against theft. These measures can prevent or slow down a thief from entering your vehicle.   

Use GPS tracking

Another approach you can take to secure your van is to outfit it with a GPS tracking device. GPS trackers are an effective option in helping you keep your peace of mind while you leave your car unattended. Choose a device that can be hidden away easily, has a long battery life and sends reliable alerts. Look for one with a high weatherproof rating and durability score as well. There are even units with extra features, such as live audio. With live audio, you can listen to what’s going on in your car in real-time.

Put stickers on your windows

While it’s not guaranteed that they can stop a determined thief from attempting to break into your van, stickers can still serve as a great visual deterrent. Get stickers that say you don’t have any tools stored in your van. Or stickers that warn thieves about your loud car alarms or GPS tracking device. Thieves often go for vehicles that are easy targets. By putting effort and placing a security measure as simple as a sticker, you’re essentially saying that you take your security seriously. Apart from that, stickers by the pack are cost-efficient and easy to place.

Install aftermarket alarms to your car

Aside from the alarm that your car has, you should also consider outfitting your vehicle with an aftermarket alarm. The car alarms of today have advanced features that can be beneficial in helping you protect your van and tools. For your convenience, you can choose alarm devices that you can connect to your smartphone. This way, you’re always in the know about the state of your car. Some of the best devices available have an unlimited range and can even send vehicle maintenance updates. Ultimately, the right alarm for your car should work with the needs you have in mind.

Consider getting a kill switch

A kill switch is another option that can make it more challenging for thieves to steal your car. True to its name, a kill switch essentially stops anyone unauthorised from starting your vehicle. A perk to this van protection measure is it’s cost-efficient and easy to install.  

Store your tools in a vault box

The benefit to keeping a vault box in your van is that it provides an extra layer of security for your tools. Rather than just leaving your valuables out in the open or in a flimsy toolbox, a vault box enables you to confidently leave your tools in the van overnight. Armorgard’s van boxes do just that. Featuring durable steel plates and deadlocks that resist cutting, a vault box by Armorgard can safely keep your tools until the next time you need them.

Take the protection of your tools to the next level. Be proactive in securing your equipment and store them away with confidence.

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