With a harsh winter expected upon us this year, JUB Unixil Winter Grade Topcoat, is the perfect solution to rendering delays and ‘Facade wash offs’. Specifically designed for use in inclement weather, JUB Unixil Winter Grade can be applied at temperatures down to 1 deg C and humidity levels of up to 95%.

Unixil Winter Grade will also set quickly in temperatures up to 15 deg C, therefore giving the confidence that you are using the right product through a typical UK winter where the temperature fluctuations prevent the use of other types of winter mixes. 

JUB Unixil Winter Grade  is the perfect solution for rendering this winter, benefit of a 1° to 15°C window of application, there are no concerns regarding the ever changing weather we experience in the UK. 


  • Application temperature down to 1°C.
  • Unixil Winter will start drying within 95% humidity conditions.
  • Rain resistant in 24 - 48 hours, dependent upon conditions / substrate.
  • Touch dry within 12 hours.
  • Easy to apply.
  • 90 minutes tub time.
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