Do you have a van or truck that you use for work? Concerned about vehicle tool theft? In this article, we'll be discussing 5 ways to protect yourself against vehicle tool theft.

Tool Theft in the UK

Tool theft is an ever-growing problem for tradespeople situated across the United Kingdom. If you’re wondering why some people don’t keep tools in vans overnight, fears of tool theft might be the answer. According to the Metropolitan Police, around £57,000 worth of tools got stolen per day in 2020. This year, the monthly average cost of tool theft in London is nearly £1.5 million. Data between January 2019 to April 2021 shows that thieves most commonly steal powered hand tools.

For tradespeople, besides having to cope with financial loss, they also lose six working days because of their stolen tools. Nearly a week of downtime in business operations can translate to even more financial loss. With these devastating effects on the business and the individual, it’s become all the more essential for those in the construction industry to find a way to properly secure their valuable tools.

Tool Protection Tips

No matter the situation, it’s always handy to be one step ahead. To help you in protecting your tools, here are some key factors to consider:

Location of parking

Where you park matters, particularly when you’re looking to dissuade thieves from stealing tools inside your van. Go for well-lit parking areas, where your vehicle can be easily seen by the general public. It’s also best to park in spots with well-placed CCTV systems. Additionally, you can try parking your vehicle against a wall, so you can block access to your side doors.

Tool insurance

For your peace of mind, you can also try getting coverage for your tools. Having tool insurance guarantees that you’re protected against instances of not only theft but also damage to your tools due to manufacturing issues or wear and tear.

Location of tools

Make sure that your tools, or anything of value to you for that matter, are hidden and locked away properly. It won’t do you any favour if a thief does manage to break into your van and happens to see your tools lying somewhere in plain sight.

5 Ways to Protect Your Tools

Several methods can help you in protecting your tools. If you prefer to keep your tools in the van overnight, here are some tips that you can follow:

    1. Placing cameras for surveillance

      Surveillance camera systems for your home and in the area where you park your vehicle will serve as a deterrent for unscrupulous figures, including tool thieves. There are different types of surveillance cameras available today. When choosing the camera for monitoring your parked car, consider factors such as image and video resolution, motion sensor, weather resistance and night vision functionality.

      Camera systems should be installed with good lighting in mind. Their placement should also ensure that the cameras can fully capture what’s going on in your vehicle. For discreet options, you can get a small dash cam and mount it in a spot where it blends in easily.

      2. Utilising alarm systems

      Modern cars usually come with factory-fitted security systems, such as alarms and immobilisers. Standard vehicle alarms blare once a sensor is triggered. Common triggers include movement (opening of doors, trunk or hood and tilting of car due to being towed away), sound (breaking of glass), impact (smashing of a window) and proximity.

      Another type of car alarm is the remote alarm system. Through these advanced alarms, real-time notifications about the status of your vehicle will be sent to your device or key fob. You can receive alerts based on different instances, such as unauthorised engine start, detection of unusual activity and device disconnection

      3. Utilising alarm systems

      A reliable lock goes a long way to ensuring that your vehicle and the valuables inside it stay protected from tool thieves. Today, vehicle owners have plenty of options for locking their cars. There are locks for steering wheels, brakes and car tires. There are also security systems you can fit over your pedals and gear shift. These make it more difficult for thieves to operate your vehicle and peel out with your car and all your valuables.

      When choosing a lock, durability is one of the most vital factors you should look at. It should be sturdy enough to resist being cut or sawed away by thieves.

      4. Marking your tools

      In the vein of being one step ahead in case of unfortunate events, you can utilise markers as a way of proving that you own your tools. This way, if a theft does occur, you’ll have a way to identify your equipment. Additionally, marked tools are more difficult for thieves to resell.

      You can mark your tools using various options. One way is to use an engraver and put your name or initials on an obvious part of the tool. You can combine this method with invisible pastes or powders that are only visible when exposed to UV light. Lastly, it’s also best to keep an inventory of the serial numbers on all your tools.

      5. Getting a vault box

      After exhausting the ways to protect your van from theft, you can take it one step further and get a vault box. With a dependable and sturdy vault box, you can have peace of mind that your tools are sitting safe and sound in your vehicle. Look for features such as a reinforced structure, plenty of room for your tools and a secure locking system that resists cutting and drilling.

      Armorgard and its line of heavy-duty van boxes fit the bill for tool vaults that prioritise reliability. Available in several sizes, Armorgard’s van box solutions can accommodate different tool storage and security needs.

      Be one step ahead of thieves and secure your tools in the best way possible.

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