When it comes to building new homes, one of the most important aspects is getting the exterior right. Many new homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes stand out from the rest. However, not everyone is aware of ways that they can do this. Here are some reasons why you should use the K Rend silicone render for your next renovation project.

Rendering 101

Spanning thousands of years of use, renders offer homeowners a sure method of elevating their properties. Rendering is the process of applying a mixture of sand and wet cement to a home’s external walls. Although mostly chosen as a way of improving the overall aesthetics of a building, rendering also comes with other benefits, such as making your walls more durable and providing insulation.  

Renders come in different types, namely: lime, cement, polymer, monocouche, acrylic and silicone. The type of render you choose will depend on various factors. These include when your property was built and what kind of walls you have. Some renders are more suitable for a specific kind of home, such as how lime renders are typically used for older properties. Meanwhile, for versatile applications on almost any wall type, silicone renders serve as an excellent option.    

Top 5 Reasons You Should Use K Rend Silicone Render

If you’re looking to upgrade your property through a silicone render with a premium-quality finish, the K Rend silicone render is one of your best bets. Below are some of the advantages of using K Rend for your building projects:

1.      K Rend is water-repellent

Due to its advanced silicone technology, K Rend adds a water-repellent layer to your external walls. K Rend’s superior water-repellent properties also make walls easy to clean. Dirt clinging to wall surfaces can be washed off by rain or with some hosing—although the latter can be done quite infrequently.

K Rend can be applied to areas of your property that are considered highly exposed to the elements, protecting against natural weather and dampness in general. Applying K Rend coating ensures that rainwater and moisture won’t penetrate deep into your walls, which would then create a damp environment. This further prevents mould and algae from growing and thriving in your walls.

2. K Rend allows for low-maintenance walls

K Rend silicone render is easy enough to apply. First, you’ll need to plan out when you’re going to do the rendering. The best time to render your home is in spring or summer when moisture and cold weather won’t be too much of an issue. This ensures that your walls dry as quickly as possible. Then, once you’ve planned when you’re going to do the rendering and you’ve prepped your wall surface and cleared it of dirt, dust and other debris, it’s time to use K Rend. If you wish to apply additional layers of the coating after the base coat, you may have to wait 24 hours for the current layer to dry first. Typically, the whole process of silicone rendering takes up only a few days.

Aside from easy installation, K Rend can provide a long-lasting finish to your home. A properly applied silicone render can last an average of 30 years. This means that you won’t have to repaint as often as in the case of other renders. Plus, since its hydrophobic properties inhibit organic growth, this prevents unsightly mould and algae from occupying your walls.

To ensure that your silicone-rendered walls keep their attractive appearance, using a low-pressure washer and suitable detergent for an annual wash is recommended.       

3. K Rend allows the structure to breathe

Using K Rend silicone render gives you drier wall surfaces. Compared to other types of renders, such as cement and acrylic render, silicone types ensure that moisture doesn’t stay trapped inside your walls. K Rend lets water vapour pass through the substrate. However, it also creates a way to release the vapour into the environment, thus, allowing the structure to breathe. Silicone renders’ breathability and protection against moisture are primarily why they’re popularly used for external wall surfaces.

By choosing a type of render that’s not suitable for your property, condensation problems can occur. Signs of condensation issues come in the form of water droplets in your window sill or in the window itself, water stains on your ceilings and dampness on your walls, among others. If these issues are left on their own, they can lead to damaged walls, wallpaper peeling and mould growth. With K Rend, you can make your walls more breathable and prevent them from collecting too much condensation.

4. K Rend provides a natural-looking finish

Other than having a low-maintenance yet longer-lasting finish, K Rend gives your wall surfaces a premium and attractive look. K Rend is also flexible, which, over time, helps wall surfaces resist cracking. These cracks are caused by varying temperatures that affect your property. When it’s summer, your house expands because of high humidity and heat. Meanwhile, during winter, parts of the house shrink because of the low humidity. With a silicone render, your wall surfaces can better accommodate the expansion and contraction of your home.      

Consisting of premium silicones, K Rend holds up well to not only cracking but also fading and extreme conditions. This makes this type of render flexible and durable at the same time, ensuring long years of use. Depending on your preference, you can opt for a natural-looking finish with a smooth or textured appearance.

5. K Rend offers an extensive colour range

K Rend silicone render is incredibly versatile and provides a selection of various colours and finishes to choose from. Ranging from vibrant colours to more muted tones, all these options ensure that every homeowner can customise their property any way they want to.   

Effortlessly add value to your home with K Rend silicone render. Contact Amaroc today to know more about the best renders and tools you should get for your next home renovation project.